Hi, I'm from the NY Times. Your Daughter is a Whore.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré, worth $5 grand for sex?

I wasn't shocked that we found out who Spitzer's whore was, what did shock me was that it was the New York Times that outed her. Isn't this better left to the National Enquirer? Or The Jawa Report? You know, rags.

I can imagine the Columbia trained reporter being assigned to show up at Ashley's childhood home and ask Mrs. Capalbo, "How does it feel knowing that your daughter is a whore who did the Democratic governor of New York?"

And yes, the Times actually contacted her mother and broke the news to her about her daughter being a prostitute. Maybe Kristen is fair game, but her mother?

Our nation's flagship newspaper, a class act through and through.

UPDATE: Howie points out that Ashley had told her mother a week prior to today's NY Times story. This morning on CNN they said otherwise. I stand corrected.

But still, "Hi, I'm from the New York Times. How does it feel that your daughter is a whore?"

UPDATE: Ouch, who's the real whore here?

Posted by: Rusty at 08:22 AM


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