Highest "Moderate" Sunni Muslim Cleric: Behead Those That Desecrate Quran, Blaspheme Mohammed

Actually, the headline is somewhat misleading. You see, as the world's highest ranking "moderate" Sunni cleric and President of the most prestigious Islamic institution of higher learning in the world, Egypt's Al-Azhar University, Sheikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi wants to behead Muslims who desecrate any holy book.


He said that if a Muslim harmed books holy to non-Muslims, or harmed the prophets of other monotheistic religions, "we would demand that he be punished as a lesson to all, and that he must be beheaded."
He's an equal opportunity beheader you might say. Desecrate a Quran? Beheading! Desecrate a Bible? Beheading! Desecrate the Torah? Eh, you have to draw a line somewhere.

If you read his full argument it's not that only Muslims should be beheaded for insulting Muhammed and the Quran, it's an analogy used to prove a larger point:

Any reasonable person must speak out vehemently against harming the Koran and insulting the Prophet, and must use an iron hand against those who do so.
Translation: Why aren't you, the West, punishing those that insult our guy, the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)? If one of our guys, a Muslim, blasphemed one of your Prophets like Jesus (PBUH,) we'd demand that he was beheaded.

It's just a slightly more obtuse way of telling the Dutch that they shouldn't be protecting Geert Wilders from the wrath of Muslims for his upcoming blasphemous film, they should be giving him the death penalty.

Posted by: Rusty at 05:39 PM


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