"Leave Madonna Alone!!!1!!1one!!!1!"

chriscrocker.jpgIt's rumored that some of the childish, hormone-driven pricks here at the Jawa objectify models, actresses and singers primarily as entertainers for our collective amusement rather than as intelligent, multi-faceted people with brains, knowledge, opinions, etc.

Speaking only for myself, I think that's pretty much right on the mark.

If Madonna was a talented author who made her name by her brilliant insights and colorful prose, it would be possible (and misguided) to "objectify" her by ignoring her body of work and instead focusing on whether she's hot.

If Madonna was a politician who'd gotten to where she was by working the levers of power and making her case to the people, it would possible (and misguided) to "objectify" her by ignoring her political success and focusing instead on her clothes and hair.

In this case, we're talking about a person who became famous by jumping around in lingerie on MTV and flaunting herself as a "boy toy." "Look at me--I'm pretty AND trashy! I run around in lingerie and refuse to shave my armpits! I have a great body, lots of energy and no self-respect!" How could you possibly "objectify" such a person more than she's already "objectified" herself? You can't.

Back to the point of the original post, Madonna's actively messing up her God-given looks, and that's sad. I can perhaps, with great psychological effort, manage to gin up an iota or two of regret that she's not any smarter or wiser than to do that, but I can find only the tiniest violin to play for people like Madonna, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton for the fact thay're become caricatures and national jokes. These people have made more money and enjoyed more fame than the rest of us could ever dream of having, and anyone who thinks they're somehow being treated unfairly in this world can bite me.


People like these idiots have gotten where they are largely through a combination of luck, natural beauty and a willingness to trash it up for the cameras more than the next person would.


It's a working formula, and I can appreciate that they're gotten it to work for them, but I don't consider it an accomplishment that deserves a great deal of respect.

These people have more money and fame than people more talented than they are, and people who work harder than they do.

This is often true of pretty people, and God bless every last one of them. I don't begrudge the pretty and famous for their success. Far from it. More power to them. That said, when the pretty Hollywood idiots start deluding themselves into thinking that they're actually successful because they're informed and smart, and start running their mouths against the very people and the very nation that gave them their success, I hope you'll excuse me if I respond with the appropriate level of derision for the Hollywood idiots, their mindless, parroted opinions, and the complete lack of regard for the very nation and people that catapulted them to fame and fortune.

Similarly, when a person is born with the rare gift of exceptional beauty, uses it, and then actively destroys it, I feel a similar emotion of disgust.

And yes, when a person builds an entire career on being pretty, trashy and able to sing and jump around like a circus monkey, their looks and behavior are absolutely fair game for commentary.

This is ESPECIALLY true when that person is Madonna.

UPDATE by Rusty: Objectification, Jawa style!

Posted by: Ragnar at 04:32 PM


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