Yemeni President Saleh, Just Making It Up, Including Terror Charges

What a good article from the IHT about Jaber Elbaneh. It's good because it details the way the Yemeni regime plays the terrorism card for political ends:

In Yemen, terrorist charges are seen very differently. Many critics say that while the government does often coddle terrorist sympathizers, it also often manipulates or even fabricates terrorist charges as a political tool, whether to intimidate its enemies or to press the United States for more financing to fight terrorism......

Then the article raises the issue of those "thwarted terror attacks" days before Yemen's 2006 presidential elections. The photo is President Saleh on national TV, hours before the presidential election. He is holding a picture of the opposition candidate's body guard and labeling him the mastermind of the thwarted attacks. saleh blows election.bmp

Controversy and accusations of government collusion have also shadowed the September 2006 attacks in which Elbaneh and 35 others were accused of playing a role. In those two attacks, two separate sets of suicide bombers detonated their vehicles far from their targets, doing little damage.

The bombings - the first terrorist attacks in Yemen in years - came just days before Yemen's presidential elections. Saleh, who has ruled Yemen since 1978, quickly used the attacks to suggest that his opponent - one of whose guards was immediately accused of being involved - was linked to terrorism. The guard was later acquitted.

The guard is also Saleh's cousin-in-law.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 05:18 PM


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