More Thoughts on the M-16 / AR-15


Posted at The Arsenal:

Although the AR performs well in a controlled environment, experience has shown that ARs have more trouble in harsh environments than other military rifles, particularly as compared to Kalashnikov-style weapons.

Here's the thing: there's not necessarily a trade-off between reliability and accuracy. Sure, a lot of AKs are complete junk, unlikely to hit the broad side of a barn, while ARs have a reputation for "reaching out and touching" jihadis from a considerable distance. For the same money being spent on the ARs, though, the Iraqi military could be purchasing weapons that are equal to the ARs in accuracy and equal to the Kalashnikovs in reliability. Although the Israeli-made Galil is probably off the table as an option (for political reasons,) there are similar designs available from more "politically-acceptable" sources.

Full article here.

Posted by: Ragnar at 04:10 PM


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