Is Israel Planning Large-Scale Gaza Operation?

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As Hamas drew Ashkelon into the circle of communities coming under heavy rocket attacks, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and the Foreign Ministry on Thursday began preparing both Israeli and world opinion[good luck on that..ed] for the possibility of a large-scale incursion into Gaza.
I hope they do it, despite the UN and others condemning Israel the last time. How can Israel possibly allow the recent rocket barrage without going further on this. Israeli's are sitting ducks so to speak as the rockets land indiscriminantely. There also is proof that Iran has their hand in this.
The Foreign Ministry instructed its representatives to reveal the the Grad missiles that were fired at Ashkelon on Thursday were smuggled through Sinai from Iran.

Also the foreign Ministry, in talking points sent to its representatives abroad, instructed them to say that when Israel left the Gaza Strip in 2005 it did so without the intention of every returning, but that the continuation of terrorist attacks was likely to place the country in a position where it may have no other choice.

If the US had constant rocket attacks every day, how would we react?

JPost Editor-in-Chief David Horovitz Video of comments on the Gaza escalation.

Be sure to check in with Aussie Dave at Israellycool for updates. Note on upper side bar there a request for prayer for his father David ben Friedl who is battling pancreatic cancer.

I know I will keep David ben Friedl in my thoughts and prayers.

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