Six Somali Terror Suspects Arrested in Scandinavian Internet Cafe Raid

The internet jihad continues, but law enforcement seems to be getting it more and more. Six Somalians have been arrested in two raids in Norway and Sweden on suspicion of raising funds for terror groups in Somalia, online.


Police were scouring an Internet café in downtown Oslo on Thursday, in a raid believed to be tied to the arrests earlier in the day of three persons charged with financing terrorist activities....

The three arrested for alleged terrorist financing are tied to the Somalian community in Oslo...

The [Norwegian national police] also confirmed that it had coordinated its arrests in Oslo with Swedish police, who arrested three other men in Stockholm Thursday morning, also on charges of financing terrorism and planning terrorist activities.

How much support do Islamist rebels in the Islamic Courts Union and their allies in the Movement of Jihadi Youth [Shabab], both with extensive ties to al Qaeda, have in the Somali expat community? A lot. Refugees from war torn countries always create a number of problems for the host country, but when a sizable portion of those refugees also support terrorism, those problems are multiplied.

I wonder if one of those arrested was the site administrator for al Qaeda's Somalian arm in The Movement of Jihadi Youth's official website, or its English language blog counterpart? =
Vancouver, Washington, USA

Bonus: E-mail a Somalian terrorist, and ask him if he's in jail!

Thanks to Fred Fry.

Posted by: Rusty at 12:56 PM


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