Time to Re-evaluate Yemen's Stance on Terror

Rick Francona's blog post is entitled Yemen - State sponsor of terrorism?

The total lack of Yemeni government cooperation in American efforts to hold al-Banah accountable calls into question whether or not Yemen is actually a state sponsor of terrorism....Given Yemen's obvious decision to support al-Qa'idah and refuse to assist the United States in the war on terror, why are American troops training the Yemeni armed forces? I propose we add them to the list of state sponsors of terrorism until Jabr al-Banah is in a set of FBI handcuffs. Since he's an American citizen, we can't send him to Guantanamo....

Not to mention convicted USS Cole Bomber Jamal al-Badawi and American al-Qaeda Anwar Awlaki, who are also both free. Then there are all the jihaddis going to Iraq with the approval of the judiciary, the blessing of the president and the assistance of the Yemeni military. Many of the suicide bombers who killed our troops, Iraqi security forces and civilians were Yemenis. As I said on Al-Jazeera in 2005: Yemen is an important partner in the War on Terror; the question is, whose partner is it? Rick's post gives a good backgrounder on the State Department's push to package Yemen as "trying", and then Francona discusses General Zinni, who decided to refuel the USS Cole in Aden. Zinni later testified at the Congressional inquiry into the USS Cole bombing and swooned about how utterly sincere President Saleh is in his committment to fighting terror.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 10:31 PM


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