Canadian GIMF Jihadi Planned "Snowball Bomb"

Said Namouh, a Canadian member of the Global Islamic Media Front [GIMF], had made a video for distribution through the jihad propaganda network's "Voice of the Caliphate" TV showing how a bomb could be hid in a snowball. Nahmouh, who was better known by his online jihadi name of "Nashraf", helped the GIMF produce videos in support of al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

He was arrested for his part in a plot to blow up American interests in Austria, but when the Mounties arrived at his home they found a treasure trove of terrorist materials---literally thousands of hours of propaganda encouraging the killing of non-Muslims.

I'll send you over to this post by Kyros, but if you're interested in the real connections between online jihad supporters like GIMF and actual terrorism make sure to follow his link to the well researched National Post article.

Posted by: Rusty at 12:06 PM


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