Al Qaeda "New" Face of Terror?

Article at CBS discusses the "new face of terror" in regards to Americans being recruited and trained for attacks inside the U.S.

This certainly is nothing new to long time Jawa readers. Untold number of terrorist websites have been shut down by Jawa's. The websites are used for propoganda, "recruiting", and financing terrorism. Links are given at the sites for survival training, bomb making, etc for possibly those who are unable to leave the country to train arm and arm with alQaeda.

Unfortunately sometimes we run into a website whose owners of said site are "on the same page" of the blogger. I guess you could call this "safe sex". Take for instance a pimper of safe sex Samir Khan aka Inshallahshaheed. Prior providers shut his websites down due the content after Jawa's contacted them...alot.
He now has settled into his present site rather comfortably knowing who he has the backing of.

This recent post by Rusty appeared to ire Inshallahshaheed. So much so that he has been commenting here. His comments remain up at Jawa, our comments on his blog are deleted....Sammys form of free speech doesn't include us.

Video of CBS's "Fear of Domestic Terrorists" below the fold.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:40 AM


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