GIMF: The AMERICAN Leader of al Qaeda in Somalia (& its U.S. Website)!!

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An American citizen claims to speak for an al Qaeda linked jihad group in Somalia. The terrorist group has a U.S. hosted website.

Late last month the Global Islamic Media Front [GIMF] released a statement from the Movement of Jihadi Youth [Shabab], an al Qaeda linked organization, which officially severed its ties from the Islamic Courts Union [ICU], the former government of Somalia which modeled itself after the Taliban movement, and which also has close ties to al Qaeda.

The root of the problem between the "Shabab" and the ICU is rooted in Eritrean influence over the ICU. The war between the UN backed Somali government has long been viewed as a proxy between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The GIMF statement from Shabab claims that the ICU is not committed enough to global jihad and the restoration of the caliphate, instead limiting its goals to a Taliban like state within the borders of Somalia at the behest of Eritrea which cannot be seen as supporting international jihadists.

In sum, the international jihadis who came to Somalia to fight the infidel at the behest of al Qaeda's call to arms are mad at some of the native Somali jihadis who have allied themselves with nationalists in order to retake control of Somalia.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of the document is that it is signed Abu Mansour Al-Amriki, or Abu Mansour from America.

An American leading al Qaeda forces in Somalia? An intriguing notion, and plausible, too. Here's a BBC interview from September of last year with an American fighting with the ICU.

The former "Foreign Minister" to the ICU government was also a naturalized U.S. citizen, Ibrahim Hassan Addou. Addou was a one time administrator at The American University in Washington, D.C. before returning to Somalia to take up a cabinet position with the African Taliban.

You may remember that there was already at least one American convicted of helping the African Taliban in their jihad. Daniel Joseph Maldonado, aka Daniel Aljughaifi, was convicted of training to commit acts of terrorism overseas. This is intriguing because there is a connection between Maldonado and GIMF through an extensive online jihad network once located (and to some extent still operational) at Wordpress.

Also part of that same network of online jihadis that links GIMF to convicted American terror supporter Daniel Aljughaifi (who's blog is still up) ? Samir Khan, aka inshallahshaheed. Here's a screenshot of a comment thread at Khan's old blog.

The person leaving a comment at Samir's old blog going by the name "GIMF" and who has the e-mail, once ran GIMF's website here. "GIMF" gave several German TV interviews using the name “Musab” to explain the goals of the GIMF. "GIMF" is actually Mohammed Mahmoud, arrested in Austria for plotting to blow up US interests there.

If those connections weren't enough, Daniel "Aljughaifi" Maldonado moved from new Muslim convert to active supporter of jihad through his association with the Islamic Network. For a number of years he served as a moderator on the Islamic Network web forum. In addition to inspiring Aljughaifi to jihad, the website was instrumental in connecting 17 Canadian and two Americans with each other and to inspire them to plot acts of terror on U.S. soil.

And who owns Islamic Network? Sarfaraz Jamal, an American Muslim who personally called for the young men at the Islamic Network to participate in acts of jihad abroad. Relevance? Because Samir Khan's new blog is hosted by .... owned by none other than Sarfaraz Jamal!

So, is it plausible that a leader of the al Qaeda backed Shabaab movement is an American? Yes it is.

There's a pattern of American based al Qaeda supporters who go out of their way to distance themselves from encouraging acts of terror on domestic soil. They are very careful in avoiding the call for American Muslims to fight the U.S. abroad, as well. Instead they advocate American and Western Muslims going to places like Somalia, Kashmir, or Chechnya where they can fight the global jihad but can avoid the charge that they are encouraging treason or sedition.

And that pattern goes beyond encouragement of jihad, but has already directly led to a number of American Muslims traveling to Africa to fight a proxy war against the U.S. and its allies.

But there's more. You see, a Shabaab supporter has a blog called "Ashabaab al mujahideen". Where did I get the link? From Charlotte blogger and GIMF supporter Samir Khan, aka inshallahshaheed. Down in Ashabaab's "Worldwide Jihad" section is a link to the "official" website of the Shabab mujhadin--the same Somali organization mentioned above that has extensive ties to al Qaeda and has at least one American leader.


The Shabab website should look familiar to Jawa readers, as it's one we've dealt with in the past --- and successfully took down. Same website, new URL. And it's hosted in the U.S.!! =
Vancouver, Washington, USA

Bonus: E-mail a Somalian terrorist!

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