UCSC Treesitters Have it Tough

San Jose Mercury News

The hardest part of tree-sitting at the University of California-Santa Cruz isn't the cold, the rain, or the fierce winds that rattle your perch."
"It's noisy," said a protester who would identify himself only as "Owl," speaking from a small redwood in a parking lot that is the future site of a new Biomedical Sciences Building, part of the university's expansion plan.
"Like their treetop brethren at UC-Berkeley, UC-Santa Cruz protesters have put down roots. A "Pedestrain Warning" sign is posted for students passing the tree sitters."

The sign wording reminds me of a hard hat area with falling debris or pidgeon droppings. Whoa, that would be some kind of droppings...Geesh.

"The vast majority of people have no idea why they're in the trees." said campus lecturer and longtime city Councilman Mike Rotkin. "They haven't been successful in getting their message out."

What in the world did the parents of these kids do to them when they were young, potty train them in a tree? There certainly should be a better avenue of protesting the universitys expansion than sitting in the trees.

The officials are worring about making them come down for fear they will "hurt" themselves. Do fire ants like Redwoods?

Posted by: Stable Hand at 08:34 PM


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