DNC Appoints Imam Malik Mujahid

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Earlier I was wondering why Kucinich was courting the Islamic vote then I read this at " LGF

The Democratic National Committee, Chaired by Howard Dean, has appointed Pakistan-born Imam Malik Mujahid,founder and President of Chicago-based Islamic teaching materials distributor "Sound Vision Foundation"

There appears to be alot of background gathered on this fellow a year after 9/11. "SoundVision" supported "Clear Guidance." If my memory serves me right sasjamal of Islamic Network(he paid his bill.) was operator of the forum at Clear Guidance whom Charles once said:

"self-described as a "resource guide for Muslim American teenagers, where Muslim kids traded decapitation videos and jihad talk.

Interesting people the DNC are bringing on board. Not only are they "naive"? but they are dangerously stupid. Charles has it detailed here. and here The web of American Bloggers and the Terrorists they Facilitate by Rusty

Mujahid (left) participates in a CAIR demonstration in Chicago. Mujahid is a very active member in the Illinois chapter of CAIR.
Image h/t Pat Dollard

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