All in for Romney

Time to stop whining about McCain, and start pitching in for Romney. Last night's debate should have sealed the deal.

The Left has their "netroots", and they're all in for Obama. Just go check out Kos if you don't believe me. Supporting one Republican candidate over another isn't going to kill us. Kos' numbers certainly aren't hurting.

It's time for us on the Right to stop analyzing why McCain is wrong, and start lending Romney a helping hand. Put up or shut up time.

Here's where you go to give to the Romney campaign.

As a native Californian, I'll give Mitt the last word.

UPDATE: I'd say something about great minds thinking alike, but this is Wuzza we're talking about here. And me. So, mediocre minds thinking alike.


Either that or their collective balls go by the nicknames "Teeny" and "Tiny".

Challenge to true conservative power bloggers: Put up some Romney banners in your sidebars, you know, the kind that visitors can click through in order to donate money and volunteer time to the Romney campaign. Let your visitors know that you're behind Romney 1000%. It couldn't hurt, right?

Wuzza is being facetious, but so what? He's right.

Of course, he's the first blogger I've ever seen with a McCain banner. Nevertheless, there it is. Time to show Romeny you support him, not just hate McCain.

Thanks to Hot Air's link thingy.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:42 PM


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