Canadian Jihad Supporter Calls for Attacks in Canada

Via Dust My Broom

Salman Hossain, a "Bangladeshi-Canadian" living in Toronto and member of the University of Toronto Muslim Association has been posting messages on the internet calling for attacks on Canadian soldiers.
According to the National Post article here what he has done is incite terrorism but no charges have been filed.
Police have advised the Bangladeshi-Canadian that he is under investigation for incitement and facilitating terrorism after he repeatedly called the killing of Canadian troops in Canada "legitimate" and "well deserved."

No charges have been laid, but counterterrorism officers are apparently taking it seriously, and the case has set off a debate inside government over where to draw the line between free expression and incitement.

Salman Hossain also has a Youtube account here. He is a twoofer, believing that 911, Madrid and the &/& London tube bombings were not terrorist attacks but rather inside jobs done at the bidding of our, "jewish masters".

Here's another quote from his online activities.

In addition, he singles out Jews, writing: "When do I get to shoot a few Jews down for attempting to blow up dozens of mosques in America right after 9-11 … why f---ing target the Americans when the Jews are better?"

Darcy and I were chatting and this guy sounds very familiar. I'm sure he is quite active in the online online Jihad. Darcy requests that if we have more information on Salman Hossain's online activities we share them. Everyone feel free to post more info in comments or email Howie. We'll pass along to Darcy.

Posted by: Howie at 02:28 PM


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