NY Observer: We Don't Want to Get You Killed by Terrorists, So We Won't Publish Your Address (Oh, but here's how one would find your address should one be so inclined!)

Wow. Just wow. Muckraking at the New York Observer these days just aint what it used to be. The article is about how Ali Soufan, an ex FBI agent who interrogated bin Laden's bodyguard and who led the USS Cole investigation, has the nerve to buy a large and expensive house.

The author, Max Abelson, respects Soufan's wish not to mention his address and his neighborhood, but then does go out of his way to mention just how he did a public records search in order to find it.

Yet city records show that he and his wife just paid $1.7 million for a new Manhattan apartment, and the deed has the address in large capital letters....

I would greatly appreciate you not mentioning my address, for security reasons, he said. Why? When you write something, we dont know whos reading it. Im worried about the bad people, the evildoers. ....

So would it be O.K. to at least mention his Manhattan neighborhood? You know the enemy were dealing with, I have to be very careful, he said. Its the safety of my family; the safety of my neighbors; the safety of everybody I know.


Hat tip: Stable Ho Correction, make that Jane Ho.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:00 AM


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