Usama bin Laden's Son makes plea to his Father

Wannabe "Ambassador for Peace" Omar bin Laden made a plea to his father during an interview on an Egyptian Television program.

"Please dad, stop bombing innocents and find another way to reach your goal. Another thing dad, my wife is not a Jew."

Omars wife Zaina Alsabah also stressed (my take) that she was not a Jew during the interview to dispel rumors. Why clarify?
If he is serious about this that's a good thing. I am skeptical though due to the fact Omar is still alive. I will have to wait until all the cards are on the table for show of hands.
The comments on this article at above link are interesting. Some 9/11 twoofers and jokesters.

By anonymous

"Oh yea son send me some Viagra because Omar has been stealing mine."

Posted by: Stable Hand at 01:09 AM


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