McCain Wins, Romney Concedes

Image stolen from Llamabutchers

UPDATE 9:17: AP calls it for McCain! UPDATE 9:53: Romney concedes. The death of conservatism? Jesus wept.

UPDATED: Official early vote tallies indicate.

As of 9:48 EDT: Check Florida website for further updates.

Romney: 487,857 = 31.0%
McCain: 565,024 = 35.9%

Nail biter! Check back for updates. I'll simply erase old numbers above in lieu of new numbers.

Equal time? Ron Paul: 50,898 = 3.2%

UPDATE: Note to 2% who voted for Fred-- you dumbass purists might have just nominated John McCain. Thanks a lot. UPDATE: Vinnie reminds me that some of these Fredheads may have voted early before Fred dropped out. Makes sense. But I've heard too many Fredheads saying they were still going to vote Fred.

With the number this close, I'm guessing we won't know who won tonight. We'll have to wait until all the absentee ballots are counted. Which means we may not know who won Florida before Super Tuesday?!? What's the rule on absentee voting in Florida? UPDATE: By that I mean, what is the postmarking rule? Do absentee ballots have to be in by today? Or just postmarked by yesterday? Because if the latter, well, it's going to be a long week.

UPDATE: I'm watching Mitt headquarters live. They're playing.... Depeche Mode? Oh, for the love of all that is holy.......

UPDATE: How is it that the CNN numbers are so different from the official numbers at Florida Department of State Division of Elections? When I first noticed that CNN had McCain way up, but that official tally had Romney up I just figured it was a data entry problem with Florida just behind on updating numbers. But it's been half an hour now with Florida constantly updating and Romney still ahead, and CNN constantly updating with McCain still ahead.

Not implying conspiracy here, just wondering where CNN is getting numbers and what is process by which Florida updates its webpage? UPDATE: Florida website finally catching up and showing McCain lead.

Hot Air & NRO are following the actual exit poll numbers, too.

I was watching Fox News when they first started to leak the exit numbers, promptly followed by CNN. I thought every one had agreed that it was unethical to start leaking the exit poll numbers before the polls closed?

Just one more reason why I loathe Fox News only slightly less than CNN. MSNBC? That's a whole other level of loathing.

UPDATE: Ace has a good analysis.

Way too close to call.

----------------- Begin Paul bait

Sources tell The Jawa Report that Ron Paul has won Florida!

Ron Paul's victory comes as a shock to the liberal NYC monied cabal that runs the Republican Party. Sources indicate that the Republican Party will falsify Florida returns making it appear that either John McCain or Mitt Romney--both supporters of the Federal Reserve (aka, "The Beast")-- have won the vote.

Be on the lookout for unmarked helicopters, lethargic gators, and unreported disappearances.

Don't let this travesty stand, fight for democracy! We know Ron Paul really won!!

UPDATE: In an update to her post neo-con warmonger and faux conservative Michelle Malkin notes that there is widespread reporting of problems at the polls. And Rush Limbaugh, champion of the liberal establishment, admits to voting twice!

Recount. Recount! Recount!!*

*Yes, I'm just itching for a fight and the best way to start one is to egg on the Paultards.

Posted by: Rusty at 07:19 PM


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