al-Qaeda Car Bombing in Algeria

The police we're able to stop the car from reaching its intended target, but al-Qaeda was still able to murder two innocents, presumably Muslims, and injure 23 more.

Via Yahoo News: Officers opened fire on a vehicle that was speeding toward the local police station in the town of Thenia, some 40 miles east of Algiers. The vehicle exploded short of the building, leaving a 6 1/2-foot-wide crater.

The explosion was the latest in a wave of attacks signaling that Islamic fighters are regrouping in Algeria, where offensives by security forces and government amnesty offers had thinned the ranks of insurgents in recent years.

Meanwhile, a report Tuesday said police arrested four people allegedly involved in planning the most serious recent attack: twin suicide bombings Dec. 11 in the Algerian capital that killed at least 37 people, 17 of them U.N. workers.

Hat Tip: Little Green footballs.

Posted by: Howie at 04:21 PM


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