Rally Organizers May Face Death Penalty in Yemen

Aden, Yemen: The Public Security Department (PSD) submitted charges against a top opposition leader and an editor to Aden’s prosecutor in connection with a January 13 demonstration at which four protesters were killed when police opened fire on the crowd.

Ayman Mohammed Nasser, editor of Attariq newspaper and Ali Monassar, head of the Yemeni Socialists Party, may face treason charges for organizing the demonstration. The charges carry a potential death penalty. No charges have been filed against the police officers or their commanders in connection with the four deaths.

Ali Monassar, Socialist Party leader in Aden
faces treason charges for organizing a rally

Reliable sources in Aden report many organizers of the festival, which urged national reconciliation, are under investigation. Ali Monassar, who also heads the opposition coalition Joint Meeting Parties in Aden Governorate, refused to attend the investigation at the prosecution office located in Sheikh Othman district.

Editor in Chief of Aden’s Attariq newspaper, Ayman Mohammed Nasser, was subject to three hours of interrogation yesterday by the prosecutor. Nasser denied all accusations.

AOL received information that the charges leveled by the PSD and forwarded to the prosecutor include:
1. Aggression towards the independent of Yemen republic.
2. Threat of security and social stability.
3. Exposing the public transportation to danger.
4. Mischief to private property.

The Yemeni regime attributes the citizens’ deaths to an “infiltrator” who wrested a gun away from a security official and then shot into the crowd. Witnesses however report multiple security personnel were shooting, and video of the protest indicates the shooting lasted several minutes.

ayman 1.JPG
Editor Ayman Nasser called before the prosecutor Monday

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