Yemen: Journalist Al-Khaiwani Facing Death Penalty for Article; Would-be Assassins of US Ambassador Released

An appeal court in Yemen ordered the release Monday of two Yemenis convicted of trying to kill the former US ambassador to Sanaa, Edmund Hull, in 2004. Hizam Ali al-Mass and Khaled Saleh al-Heleila were found guilty in 2006. The sentence was reduced from five years to three, and they were ordered released on time served.

Meanwhile editor Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani faces the death penalty for having information about the Sa'ada war in his possession, in pursuit of his journalistic duties. He faces charges of "demoralizing the military." Al-Khaiwani is beginning a new trial today, contesting the constitutionality of the specialized penal court where the "terrorism" trial is being held. Lets pray for an honest judge. They do exist in Yemen, at great peril to themselves.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 12:23 PM


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