ABC News: Heterosexuals Are 'Perverts'

Let's say you're a healthy straight male walking through a park in Columbus, Ohio when an attractive woman wearing only a bathing suit bottom (topless sunbathing is legal in Columbus) beckons you. She chats, drapes her leg over your shoulder, and asks to see your penis. As soon as Captain Happy pokes his head out, undercover police move in to arrest you for public lewdness.

Being entrapped is bad enough. Adding insult to injury, ABC News headlines its story, "Topless Woman Lured Perverts in Police Sting."

Got that? Playing sausages and bungholes in the bushes is just fine, but a normal male response to overtly seductive behavior from a half-naked woman is "perverted."

Sounds like Columbus, Ohio has way too many police on the payroll, and way too little idea about how to deploy them effectively.

Sounds like ABC has way too many perverts on their payroll.

(Self-disclosure: If I weren't a married man, there's a real, real good chance that Poky would get me into the same kind of trouble.)

Posted by: Bluto at 11:55 AM


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