Al Qaeda Cyberpussies Now Ripping Off The Knack

I noticed that the cyberpussies have bought a few new domain names for one of their favorite hangouts: &

Is it merely a coincidence that "my al hesbah" is metered perfectly to match The Knack's classic "My Sharona"? I think not. We all know that the dirty minded cocksuckers of al Qaeda's internet jihad brigades get off on the snuff porn propaganda produced by the Islamists all over the world.

And that one line, "Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind" could easily be about some young boy getting punked by a Taliban leader as it could be about some hot not-quite 18 year old chick. I have it on good authority that kiddie porn is just as popular among would-be shahids as martyr videos and the latest nasheed about how Allah will bless the mujahideen for killing the Zionist infidel crusader pigs.

Damn you al Qaeda for ruining one of my favorite songs of all time! Damn you all to hell!

My Sharona video below.

Posted by: Rusty at 01:01 AM


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