Rescue Plan for Yemen

The following rescue plan for Yemen was written by a variety of opposition forces including representatives of the Shiite rebels in the North and some factions of Southerners. The fundamental obstacle in implementing the plan is that it requires President Saleh to step down voluntarily.

Dear honorable brother Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic of Yemen -Sanaía

In the beginning at the outset, he was unable to confirm any Yemeni, you can deny a senior maker Yemeni unity of goals and the great dream of the Yemeni people, as entered history from the wider doors, we encourage you to go back to the date for step duties, which have become a burden to you as a president.

And our right to the blood and prevention, the collapse and destruction of the homeland that I loved to the point of passion .

The love of good for your family, and let us be frank with you to what is happening today of problems and strife and painful events that are the result of natural alliances with former friends , which have left you for all these years in power, we know well the requirements and necessities of politics, but the case today has increased the reduction and has crossed the line.

You are trying by all means to create the referee son Ahmed and this insults the Yemeni revolution and the republican system, which I was one of the revolution and supporter and we've said and repeated, in mind that the governance referee or any one in your family or friends can be president but only after a period of time, at least what has happened in the past in more than one country and across the world and by the real presidential elections. There is no party that covers its costs from the State Treasury without the others.

Mr. President, Yemen is a country of safety, faith and wisdom and the majority opinion which will not be a country of deception and prevarication and the violation of privacy. Our country is rich and thankful to God but what happens today only deliberate impoverishment. Hearts led to acrimony and undermine and the values of ethics and morality but what has happened to day almost turned Yemen into a jungle and turned its people into carnivores eating each other.

Mr President, Yemen's trust and its people are in your hands. Deliver the trust to who may take care of it. We will continue to remind you as long as we live, we will remind you this deed which will be remembered and appreciated by the world . Those that only the brave will be able to overcome; you are one of them no matter what differences are between us. If you donít accept this offer the people will decide between us by a petition of signatures. God is judging, God is judging, God is judging.


Abdallah Salam Al-Hakimi
Yahya AL-Hothy
Dr. Mohammed Al-Nommani
Dr. Farook Hamza
Omar Ali
Fathi Al-Katta

List of Requests

1-Call to amend the Constitution to be a period of only two presidential term of four years each.

2-Ask President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down from power saving people and to prevent the collapse and destruction of the country. For what is happening today is the result of natural alliances with former friends, which has kept all these years in power and made way for the government to save and prepare for the national presidential elections real party is not taken without other costs from the public offers of the State based on the terms of the initiative launched by the government rescue by brother Abdullah Salam Al-hakimi last October.

3-Call to end the rule of the family and to prevent the abolition of inheritance and the Republican Guard and Special Forces.

4-Call for a peaceful strike upward leading to the open site.

5-Emphasis on upholding unity Yemeni territory and its people, whether itís Sanaa or Aden to alienate the sovereignty and independence of the homeland.

6-Call to all Yemenis opponents to return to the homeland to contribute to the building of a new Yemen and closing all files.

7-Invitation to the opposition parties not to accept any initiative that may be offered by the regime that will shortly be destructed, because of their acceptance they will be offered a lifeline.

8-Invite leaders of the army and the police and intelligence services that they are not to be suppressed against fellow claimants of the peaceful Yemeniís that ask to reform freedom and equal citizenship.


Dear honorable Mr. Ban Ki Mun Secretary General of the United Nations New York.

We know very well that you are fully informed of the bad and deteriorating situation in the Republic of Yemen because of corruption irresponsible use of the State Department and the looting of resources and deliberate impoverishment of the people by President Ali Abdullah Saleh and members of his family and his staff.

The transformed the values of the Yemeni society and the flagrant violation of the rights of citizens and democracy, which we believed in the reunification of Yemen in 1990, and the creation of the country to bequeath his son governance and the governance transition which we will not accept and will stand in the face, whatever the sacrifices of Yemen's republican country. As we have said before and we will repeat that we will not allow that the candidate's son or one of his relatives for the post of President but not immediately. At least after some time has passed in more than one country in the world.

We would like to emphasize that we call on President Saleh to reinstate the document Covenant and Agreement, which was signed in 1994 in the Jordanís capital, Amman by all political parties and organizations. Yemeni basis for comprehensive reconciliation in Yemen and equal citizenship ask you finally to inform the donors of aid to Yemen from the countries and organizations because they do not go the right way. But unfortunately has become one of the factors of corruption.

Attached to the letter is a copy of the rescue program announced in last October published in a number of Yemeni and Arab newspapers and on a list of demands.


Abdallah Salam Al-Hakimi
Yahya AL-Hothy
Dr. Mohammed Al-Nommani
Dr. Farook Hamza
Omar Ali
Fathi Al-Katta

Rescue Initiative

First: the establishment of a National Council of Wise men which consists of a number that does not increase the amount of 35 personal dignitaries and national inhabitants with concerns of the nation and its citizens, who have visions and projects to bring the country out of its crisis, wthout excluding anyone under the pretext of separatism or regionalism, racism or sectarianism, respect of this Council and in particular the following major tasks:

- Develop a national comprehensive formula which contains solutions to the conditions of the country based on a Covenant and Agreement as the only national document that achieve national consensus around the universal commitment, respected and confirmed by the Security Council resolutions on the war in 1994 and mean to the Covenant document and the agreement on rebuilding its political system and its institutional States with modernarity which turned a blind eye to things and issues which timely received them.

-Achieve wide and local government authorities and the full powers without any diminution and reaffirm the right of each province or territory or region in the election of all executives from among the sons except military affairs only with other provisions.

- Develop a formula whereby redistribution of national wealth on the basis of fairness and equality among all regions of the country.

-Formation of a national committee of wise men with the possibility of the use of Arab and international expertise for the preparation of the draft for the new constitution in line with the overall national solution formula established by the Council of Wise men and downloaded to the national debate and broad and popular approval through a referendum in lieu of the current Constitution, which has become too large of amendments in response to the personal whims and ambitions of individuals until it is no color or taste

Second: formation of a government of national saving and the National Council of Wise men of proposed names of its members and its main duties restricted as follows:

- Numbers and full preparation for the holding of local elections and parliamentary and presidential elections during the period of time does not exceed the two years including the proposed draft of a new law for elections which achieves fairness, impartiality and transparency approved by the Council of Wise men and purifies the table voters from corruption, forgery and requests supervision over local civil society organizations and international supervision to ensure full integrity Elections, impartiality and transparency in other words, the major task of the government of national salvation elections

- Develop plans which are urgent and effective steps to address the imbalances of the political, financial, administrative, judicial, economic and radical solutions to the fight against corruption genuine, and not cosmetic as it exists now and the elimination of all forms of legal transgressions of others that have occurred in the past in all areas

- National Salvation government granted full powers and authority executive powers including the transfer of executive powers enjoyed by the President to this government so that there are limited responsibilities of the President during the ceremonial functions and protocol as is the case in the parliamentary system and prevents it interfering in any way the work of the function,power and authority government of the National Salvation.

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