Casino Spots Fake ID, Results in Arrest of Suspected Terrorist

I think it's most likely this man was part of the FARC rebels in Columbia.

Via News Dispatch: MICHIGAN CITY - Sometimes a fake ID is used by a teenager wanting to buy alcohol or play poker. But not always.

Sometimes it's used by people not wanting to be found for serious crimes - so serious, Interpol sends out alerts and judges are shaken from sleep for paperwork.

"Apparently, all the bells and whistles went off," MCPD Capt. Larry Kunkel said of a situation that began late Friday and continued into early Saturday morning.

Michigan City authorities found themselves in the middle of that bit of international intrigue after taking a man into custody.

That man is apparently wanted in the country of Colombia for "dangerous terrorism."

The FARC are your run of the mill lefty communist narco terrorists.
More on FARC here.

Hat Tip: The Rouge Jew.

Posted by: Howie at 05:54 PM


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