GIMF Raising Money Online for al Qaeda

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) has upped the ante in the "financial jihad" and is now raising money through a popular forum on behalf of the mujahideen of al Qaeda. Andrew Cochran believes that this is an indication of the success of the Coalition in breaking al Qaeda's financial networks.

CT Blog has this bit from the forum:

“Oh Muslims !! this is a call for you from the fighters to the entire Muslims. Following the campaign against Islam to dry its sources, many of the people who support this religion suffer from lack of equipments and basic means for their Jihad, after the belief in Allah. The situation became really bad. Imagine brothers, that some of them carry weapons with no ammunition. Sometimes they have no food or place of refuge. I see you calling for Jihad day and night without implementing it, as if the Jihad is just carrying weapons.

Brothers, in many cases the financial Jihad is not less than Jihad by fighting (Al-Jihad bil-Nafs). How could the Mujahid fulfill his huge tasks without weapons? Or without the support for his family while he is away or martyred?

Read the rest.

Leaders of the Global Islamic Media Front and we at The Jawa Report have long been at odds. See our GIMF archives for past run ins with GIMFers.

And, again, just so this doesn't get lost in the memory hole, here is a message left by the former leader of GIMF, Mohammed Mahmoud---former because he's now in jail-- to American blogger and resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, Samir Khan (aka, "Inshallahshaheed").

muslimpad's avatar, pointed to by the red arrow, is the flag of the Islamic State of Iraq--al Qaeda in Iraq's front group.

But remember that according to The New York Times, "there is nothing to suggest that Mr. Khan is operating in concert with militant leaders, or breaking any laws." It's in the New York Times, ergo it must be true.

Hat tip: AllahP

Posted by: Rusty at 01:58 PM


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