Heartache: Rare "Disease" Causes Woman to Have 200 Orgasms a Day....We feel her "pain"

sarah_carmen.jpgAn unnamed Jawa source is perusing the headlines from around the world to bring you the important news.

Meet Sarah Carmen. Sarah "suffers" from Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). A rare and socially embarrassing disease. Sarah has up to 200 orgasms a day.

Poor, poor Sarah.

The story claims she's a "beautician" and a "skin care specialist" who works in a salon, and that much of the equipment....er....sets her condition off.

But a quick Google search reveals that Sara Carmen is really an exotic model (warning: NSFW link) willing to do "girl/girl" and "video" for $140 an hour. Sorry fellas, Sara doesn't do "boy/girl".

But I'm guessing she does kinky interviews with trashy magazines for about the same rate. The interviewer claims she had five orgasms during the interview.


Same Sarah Carmen? Yup. I'd post the other pic she has up which matches with the "news" story, but this is a PG-13 blog.

The moral of the story? Never Google search a story that you desperately want to be true!

News of the World:

Sarah is a beautician and working in salons filled with whirring hairdryers and skincare gadgets can cause problems.

"If I start coughing and run to the loo, the girls know to fetch the client a magazine or a cup of tea," she said, adding, "Sometimes I'd like to just have a normal life."

And the related story:
She explained: "Anything can set me off. Even the hairdryers cause funny pulsations through my body.

"As a skin care specialist I have to use tools which vibrate a lot of the time for micro-dermabrasion and they sometimes set me off.

"I find if I'm nervous I'm less likely to get over-excited. So sometimes I try to psyche myself up and worry to control my orgasms.

"Some of my regular customers know my problem. But with new clients it's hard to explain.

"I have been in the middle of a treatment and it's happened and I've had to carry on.

And a doctor asks us to understand poor Sarah's condition:
Either way, a woman with PSAS can be in mental and physical pain and really needs sympathetic medical help.

The more women like Sarah speak out, the more the medical profession will realise this is something they need to treat with sympathy and understanding.

PSAS sufferers, be sure to leave a comment. I am a "doctor". Maybe I can be of some service?

Posted by: Rusty at 09:51 PM


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