ABC Reported on "Phony Heroes" 3 Days Before Rush

Where was Media Splatters and their ever-capable army of incompetent interns? Did they miss this? Brian Ross of ABC did a report on scam artists that scam the military and the public, and they mentioned Jesse Macbeth in particular. Media Splatters? Nowhere to be found:

Just days before Rush Limbaugh was attacked by a number of press outlets for discussing "phony soldiers" on the air, ABC's Brian Ross did a segment on "World News with Charles Gibson" dealing with "phony heroes...scam artists...posing as the war heroes they never were, claiming credit for acts of courage in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Marvelously, this story was aired on Monday, September 24, just three days before Limbaugh made his comments. And, as noted in a NewsBusters posting by the MRC's Brent Baker, the report even mentioned the same "phony soldier," Jesse Macbeth (pictured to the right), that Limbaugh did on his program Thursday.

SO WHERE WAS MEDIA SPLATTERS? Do the have a "full transcript" of the ABC report that they could snip-snip for maximum smear potential? Why didn't they take on Brian Ross with their trademark brand of "snip-snip-then-put-into-Keith-Olbermann's-teleprompter?"

More from Peter Wehner at NRO:

What’s obviously going on here is that antiwar advocates were deeply damaged by the ad smearing General David Petraeus. They were desperate to try to climb their way out of the hole they were in — and so they decided this was their opportunity to find a way out. attacks Petraeus, they say, but Rush Limbaugh attacks members of the military who want to withdraw as “phony soldiers.” So if Republicans are going to criticize us for what we said about General Petraeus, they should criticize Limbaugh for his slander.

The problem, of course, is that that the charge leveled against Limbaugh is obviously false; his phrase “phony soldiers” applied to Jesse Adam Macbeth — and the phrase itself was clearly based on the news headline.

This effort to manufacture outrage does not sustain even minimal scrutiny — which doesn’t mean this story won’t be picked up by some news outlets. But in the end, the truth will out. The Left in America clearly wants to take Limbaugh out, and for obvious reasons: he is a deeply influential conservative voice and during the last 20 years he has changed American politics and the American media in profound ways. The Left hates him — but they have found no way to stop him. Like the Mississippi, he just keeps rolling along. And one gets the feeling that (as Churchill said in another context) he will continue to roll on full flood, to broad lands and bright days.

Stay tuned for the next lying Media Splatters smear - sure to come at any time within the next year!

Posted by: Good Lt. at 08:51 PM


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