Watch Media Splatters Lie on National TV!

Media Matters LIES. Constantly and deliberately. Here's a sickening video to prove it.

They provide the "full transcripts." They provide the "full audio." Sure they do. Well, five minutes of audio and 5% of a full transcript , anyway. But that's the 5% and 5 minutes that MATTERS! Raaaaacists!!

Maybe we should start our own anti-smear site called "CONTEXT MATTERS" and give these obviously fact challenged little monkeys a run for their money, huh?

And by the way, the terminally fact-challenged idiots are trying AGAIN to get Limbaugh removed from Armed Forces radio - using their latest failed smear attempt as the ammo.

Only liberal, Clinton-sanctioned messages from NPR and Air America are allowed! Nothing that actually supports America or the Troops! That's Media Splatters.

Posted by: Good Lt. at 12:34 PM


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