Are Those Words Tasty?


Inshallahshaheed will never go down, bi idhnillah!

Oh Yeah?


The google cache for his site is still here for the moment. It did not get updated to reflect Inshallahshaheed's post about his big interview coming up in a major US newspaper.

Yes that one.

We'll discuss the merits of a major US newspaper lending ink to a terrorist propagandist, that has been run off three US blogging platforms, later. After we get done with the Inshallahshaheed is Down Rock & Roll, Gunpowder and Firetrucks Party Extravaganza.

We don't know why he's down. We didn't do it, we swear! We are just very happy.

Jawas, rock your little hearts out.

Update: OK, you can go ahead and discuss it now.

Posted by: Howie at 03:29 PM


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