Pigman: A Hero for Infidels!

PIGMAN-NEVER-SUBMIT-1-copy.jpgMaybe I'm the last guy to get on board with Bosch Fawstin's "Pigman" superhero, but his graphic novel isn't even out yet and I've become a fan after listening to Tom Paine's interview with him at the Shire News Network's most recent podcast. You really have to listen to the whole interview to get a sense of where Fawstin is coming from.

Himself an ex-Muslim, Fawstin describes Pigman this way:

Pigman is a ruthless, counter-jihad superhero comic book created by an ex-Muslim cartoonist as a response to 9/11. It brings him face to face with the enemy in the form of his brother.
Pigman's superhero mask is made out of pig skin in an extra effort to offend the jihadis he fights.

The force is strong in this one.

Fawstin's website is here, blog is here, and Infidel/Pigman merchandise here.

Since Fawstin was born a Muslim, expect a death fatwa within hours of the book being published. The only thing the jihadis hate more than Scandinavians making fun of them in cartoon form is ex-Muslim criticism.

To be honest, I've only read one "graphic novel" in my life (I'm guessing my Spider Man "comics" don't count) and that was Art Spiegelman's "Maus". I'll make Infidel my second.

That is, if it is ever published. I can't imagine a publisher with the balls.....

Posted by: Rusty at 02:44 PM


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