Futureweapons: PORN BOMB

miss_pakistan_small.jpgI've talked about the use of porn as a weapon before. As much as I'm against porn in principle, I'd much rather saturate a country with pictures of hot nude women than with bombs.

Tripwire at Zone-H writes:

The effect of those extremely graphic porn sites, written in Arabic, on a growing Middle East audience, is potentially more devastating in the medium term than a full scale conventional war.

If you get exposed, and then used, to western porn, well, not only your private morality but even your public morality will became weaker over time. Youíll begin questioning the social order, family values and traditions, religion, women role in society, the government, everything: itís much more effective than a high altitude bombing, indeed.

So, if sending porn to Saudi Arabia will weaken the power of the clerics, I'm all for it. I'm convinced that if things continue along the present tragectory, we will eventually be forced in to a hot war with them. And the Pakistanis. And Sudan. Etc, etc, etc.

If porn changes their culture so that we won't have to fight them, I can support the intentional distribution of it. Even if you despise porn, you have to admit that it's a lot less harmful than war.

But if there are really long term benefits to this tool in our arsenal, then it seems there are also near-term costs. Traditional Islamic societies hate us for a number of reasons, but our decadent views on sexuality are on that list.

So, the porn bomb? I dunno, makes sense to me on one level. But on another level I wonder whether we should give Muslims yet another reason to hate us?

What do you think?

Posted by: Rusty at 11:46 AM


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