Dr. Esam Omeish Resigns Post

Via Breitbart:

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A member of the state's Commission of Immigration resigned Thursday, a few hours after Gov. Timothy M. Kaine was told about online videos showing the appointee condemning Israel and advocating "the jihad way."

Kaine learned of the videos from a caller to his live monthly radio program and accepted the resignation of Dr. Esam S. Omeish about three hours later.

"Dr. Omeish is a respected physician and community leader, yet I have been made aware of certain statements he has made which concern me," Kaine said in a news release announcing the resignation.

The governor said Omeish resigned because he did not want the controversy to distract from the work of the 20-member commission appointed to study the effects of immigration and federal immigration policies on Virginia.

Rusty was outraged the the day when Dr. Esam Omeish was appointed.
The Muslim American Society wishes to impose sharia law in the United States. Sure, they want to adopt Islamic law peacefully, through democratic means, but I'm sure that will be of little consolation to the first woman stoned to death for adultery or the first cartoonist beheaded for blasphemy.
The video of Omeish is criticizing Israel is here. Note the date it was uploaded to google video 9/11 2006. Not once in the video does he criticize Hizballah for it's deliberate targeting of civilians or its aggressive role in starting the 2006 conflict.

The "undated video" from DC is here.

More here at LGF.

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