Soros' Pet NASA Global Warming 'Scientist'

James Hansen has made a career of global warming alarmism, complaining that he is being muzzled by the Bush administration (despite his participation in over 1400 interviews).

Hansen's compromise by billionaire George Soros was revealed in a Monday editorial by Investor's Business Daily about Soros' secretive efforts to subvert public policy:

How many people, for instance, know that James Hansen, a man billed as a lonely "NASA whistleblower" standing up to the mighty U.S. government, was really funded by Soros' Open Society Institute , which gave him "legal and media advice"?

That's right, Hansen was packaged for the media by Soros' flagship "philanthropy," by as much as $720,000, most likely under the OSI's "politicization of science" program.

Hansen first sounded the climate change tocsin in 1971, when his computer model predicted a coming ice age.

Posted by: Bluto at 01:59 PM


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