A Few More Sites Flirting w/ 9-11 Twoof...

I don't know how many people outside the debunker community noticed this, but there seemed to be a recent small controlled demolition of mid-level to well known non-9-11-nutter blogs flirting with Twooferism - mostly on the left.

First, we have a profoundly idiotic post "just asking questions" making outlandish inferences and unsupported allegations at My Left Wing.

Then we have a heroically inept offering from The Dissident Voice; a self-dubbed "radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and justice."

Third, we have a gobsmackingly stupid call to action from The Muckraker Report, who apparently support all kinds of wingnuttery from both sides (think Dennis Kucinichitrons and Ron Paulbots).

And let's not forget the occasional mental illness that sometimes rears its ugly head at the Huffington Post.

Keep digging, ye superpatriots! There's a great CONSPIRACY to be found (cue X-Files theme)!

Don't believe to BOOSH's version of what everyone saw! Make it up as you go along!

ht: Screw Loose Change

Posted by: Good Lt. at 10:21 PM


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