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It looks like Qari Mohammad Yousuf "Ahmadi" and his webmaster Adil "Murchal" Watanmal have misplaced their website. "Ahmadi" is the Taliban spokesman you've seen in the news daily talking to MSM reporters via his cell phone and making threats against the Korean hostages. Now if Yahoo! and Geocities would just stop hosting the Taliban's backup website, then we'd have this thing pretty well wrapped up. Update pwned!


You'll recall that when the Taliban re-opened the website earlier this month, they took a moment to gloat at The Jawa Report's expense. Who's gloating now, eh Adil?

Update: Yahoo boots the Taliban's backup website! You know, sometimes I amaze even myself.

Thanks to all the Jawa readers and friends for e-mailing the Taliban's U.S. service providers. FYI I've been hearing complaints from the online jihad community about so many websites being shut down lately and how its becoming harder and harder to find good quality Islamists propaganda. Gee, life is tough....

For more good news, go check out Aaron's killz for today.

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