Video: Korean Hostages in Afghanistan


A video given to al Jazeera from a source they claim is "outside of Afghanistan" showing some of the Korean hostages. The image above is from that video. The video simply shows some of the female hostages, with their hair forcibly covered, and cowering. The original is said to have 3 men in it, thus it is thought to be at least four days old.

Two hostages have already been murdered by the Taliban. They are Shim Sung-min and Bae Hyung-kyu. 19 of the 21 other hostages who were on a humanitarian mission to Afghanistan are women. The Taliban claim that the Christian missionaries are guilty of death under Islamic law. Under traditional sharia--Islamic law--the penalty for trying to convert a Muslim is death.

Both of the videos shown here are from al Jazeera. Interestingly, the reporter in the second video seems to be more of an advocate than a journalist. Not surprising coming from al Jazeera. She slips and says we are trying to pressure the South Korean government. She later goes on to say that the South Korean delegation is actively trying to pressure the Afghan government into a "hostage swap"--the standard Taliban and radical Islamist phrase, meant to equivocate the Korean hostages to Taliban prisoners of war.

Videos below.

Two seperate al Jazeera English reports.

Complete Korean hostages archives.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:36 PM


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