Top Taliban Commander Killed

I'm having a good day. NATO ISAF:

A senior Taliban leader, Qari Faiz Mohammad, was killed by Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF security operation July 23 in southern Afghanistan.

“The Taliban leadership has suffered another severe setback,” said Lt. Col. Claudia Foss, ISAF spokesperson. “Each successful operation ensures insurgent disruption that gives way for stability operations to take place.”

Who was he?:
ISAF says Qari Faiz Mohammad, a top Taliban commander with close links to supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar ... was one of Afghanistan’s ‘Most Wanted’ Taliban leaders. He acted as Chairman of the Taliban military council and allegedly financed many Taliban operations launched in Helmand province, according to the BBC.
Let's just hope it's the start of a good week.

Posted by: Rusty at 10:43 AM


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