Abu Hamza Dislikes Prison, Claims Abuse, Pain, Racism

nhamza129.jpgSo Abu Hamza is having a hard time doing his hard time? But I thought he welcomed being imprisoned as a blessing of Allah, who is testing him?

Via The Telegraph: The wife of Abu Hamza, the jailed Muslim cleric, has complained about her husband's treatment in a high-security London prison.

Hamza, 49, dubbed the "preacher of hate", is serving seven years for inciting the murder of non-Muslims.

In a letter to a London-based Islamic organisation, Nagat Mostafa, 46, said her husband claimed to be the victim of racist bullying and Islamophobia in Belmarsh jail.

Her letter to al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies was sent shortly after Hamza - who is fitted with hooks on both hands - underwent surgery in May to remove an inch of bone from his left arm stump, which had become infected....

..."My husband says the racist bullying and Islamophobia against him have intensified."..

One of the workers at the prison says,
"Put it this way, we're a power station and you don't want us to explode. The radical Muslims make the IRA look like kittens."
OK, I kinda almost feel sorry for the old cripple. Lets look back at one of Abu Hamza's statements and see how we feel afterward.
According to Abu Hamza, Jewish people were subhuman and no further up the evolutionary scale than monkeys. It was Allah's will that they should be exterminated. He even seemed to suggest that Adolf Hitler had been sent to earth by Allah to carry out the task. 'Not only did they become monkeys, but Allah put a law on Earth that wherever always Allah will send in people to humiliate them, to kill them, and to punish them. And Hitler is not far from us,' said Hamza....
Well as they say, cry me a river.

Hat Tips: Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler and Prairie Pundit.


Abu Hamza Videos: "Allah is Happy When the Kafir (Unbeliever) is Killed"

I'd link every racist call for murder we have on Abu Hamza, but that would take all day.

Posted by: Howie at 08:59 AM


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