Taliban Issues New Deadline To Murder 22 Innocent Christians

The Taliban have issued another statement. Like little children throwing a tantrum over a lost toy, the Taliban says it will murder 22 innocent people, mosty women, who have nothing to do with holding their fellow criminal gangsters. I've added a few edits to the reuters story.

Via CNN: KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) -- Taliban leaders said on Sunday their fighters would kill murder 22 remaining South Korean hostages if the Afghan government did not release rebel prisoners Taliban criminals by a new deadline of 0730 GMT on Monday, a spokesman said.

Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf said the deadline had been set by the Taliban leadership council, headed by elusive leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, giving the threat added weight.

The kidnappers killed murdered the leader of the Korean group on Wednesday, but several further deadlines have passed without the rebels carrying out their threat to kill murder the remaining hostages.

"Since the talks between us, the Kabul administration and Korean government have reached deadlock and they are not honest ... hence, we will start killing murdering the hostages....

Is this Islam? The murder of innocents Christians in the name of Allah because a group of illiterate criminals, who can't even dress themselves, can't get their way?
You can express your offence directly to the Taliban spokesman here.
On the Taliban's old website, they listed this phone number for Qari Mohammad Yousuf, aka "Ahmadi". Presumably, this is how the AP called him.

(011 from US, then) 8821621515539

Or you can e-mail him here: qarimohammadyousaf@yahoo.com

A second phone number for another Taliban spokesman, "Mujahid"

(011 from US, then) 8821621360585

ROPMA. Nothing less than the immediate release of these people will do. Nothing can make up for the life already taken.

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