CJR Moron Doesn't Know What Milbloggers Are

Yet another liberal makes an ass of himself while trying to defend Private Beauchamp.

He tries to "chickenhawk" conservative bloggers (a popular tactic suggesting that nobody but the military is allowed to support the military), but unfortunately for this preening jackass, he has no idea what he's talking about (par for the course of the leftarded this go round):

We do know that Beauchamp worked on Howard Dean's presidential campaign, that he edited a liberal student magazine in college, and that he marched with pro-choice demonstrators in 2004. Further, we know that he enlisted in the military "just to write a book" about his experience--not the noblest of reasons, but neither does it discredit his work. Writing under a pseudonym, though, did prevent readers from understanding that his perspective was not merely that of a soldier on the ground, but of a political activist.

How dare a college grad and engaged citizen volunteer to join the Army to fight for his country! (Which is something that most of the brave souls who inhabit the milblog community prefers to leave to others.)

Um, leftarded moron. Milbloggers have this little thing about them that most other bloggers don't have (especially lacking with liberal self-proclaimed-know-it-all-armchair-military-experts): THEY SERVED IN THE MILITARY - MANY IN IRAQ. THEY RAISED THE QUESTIONS ABOUT BEAUCHAMP IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Got it, libtard? Get your facts straight (hard to do when you make it up as you go along) - you just embarrassed your publication due to your rigorous fact-checking practices and vast knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

Any more leftists want to embarrass themselves defending this Warrior Poet? We've had a plethora of them doing so here, that's for sure.

Posted by: Good Lt. at 09:41 PM


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