Iran TV Shows American Hostages

KianTajbakhshHalehEsfandiari.jpgI think it is proper to call Dr. Haleh Esfandiari, of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and Kian Tajbakhsh, a respected Urban planner, hostages and not political prisoners. Is there really any question as to why the Iranian regime has trumped up charges of treason and spying against them?

Leverage in Iraq and leverage in negotiations over the nuclear issue.


Iranian TV has shown the first pictures of two Iranian American academics - Haleh Esfandiari and Kian Tajbakhsh - who have been held in Iran since May.

The footage was a trailer promoting a programme to be aired later this week.

Another American, a journalist named Parnaz Azima, is also accused of spying.

Hat tip: Fred Fry

Posted by: Rusty at 11:44 AM


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