Incalcitrant Iran

Ahmedinejad unpacifiable.JPG

A Ronny Gordan editorial cartoon: Appeasing the unappeasable.

Posted by: Rusty at 09:05 AM


1 It's appropriate that it shows the appeaser in this parody as being female. I think a nice little curly tail, snout and pointed ears would of done more added to the 'baby'. Never hurts to hit twice with the same strike, that's Serak Professor.

Posted by: wb at March 30, 2007 11:20 AM

2 wb, Did you know you can kill with 'pepper spray' ? That baby is giving a full wide shot down the lungs, if only the nice lady was packing! It doesn't look like she can use her shoes for weapons either, but maybe. Now the thingy in her hair could be used to gouge the eyes, and maybe before that, she could chuck the necklace down its throat when it's inhaling. If she can't kill it outright, maybe while its crying bloody tears, and coughing up pearls, she can push it into the path of an oncoming truck! Or down an open manhole. That is what I would call hitting. As it sits, it looks more like she is saying "My, what big teeth you have ..." Disgusting! USA, all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at March 31, 2007 03:59 AM

3 Baby still likes soft food :( USA, all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at March 31, 2007 04:00 AM

4 Those are all nice gimicks Professor, but all require something other than what you have in your hand already. I would just call it a need for retroactive birth control. I like the truck idea, maybe a Swifts' pork truck......

Posted by: wb at March 31, 2007 05:15 PM

5 wb, sometimes you only have what you have :) Always be ready to turn some object near you into a weapon, even if it's only the enviroment around you.A pork truck would be justice :)
USA, all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at March 31, 2007 10:53 PM

6 Tell me dear Professor, do you think driving around tehran in a Swift's Pork truck might be.... too obvious?

Posted by: wb at April 01, 2007 09:33 PM

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