The Uprising That Wasn't

Remember the report of a gunbattle inside Iran?

Well, this is the Jawa Report, and we know people. And those people know people, some of whom live inside Iran.

A reader sent this on Feb. 3rd:

This morning I had a phone conversation with some people in the city of Isfahan which is the
capital city of the province with the same name.
They couldn't say very much since the phone conversations with the outside world are monitored
by the regime. But they did confirm the news of clashes reported by the Aryamehr blog
and that even in the city of Isfahan itself (not in Aryamehr's original report) there were clashes taking place
and that gunfire could be heard.
They just said: "Please pray for us!"

The only other thing I could find out was that unknown craft were seen flying over the cities of Qazvin, Alvand
and the industrial city of Alborz for about 90 minutes; these crafts were probably surveillance UAV's.

Sounded promising at the time to me, but, alas, all of our hopes were dashed when our intrepid reporter sent this:

I think that situation may have unfortunately fizzled out.
From what I can gather the event summary is that the regime's Basiji agents harassed and murdered four tribesmen.
The tribesmen then started retaliating by going village to village and attacking the regimes elements killing at least 14 of them and wounding a whole bunch more. In the city of Isfahan as a show of sympathy with the tribesmen some people clashed with security forces.
The people I know in Isfahan are older folks and certainly aren't able to participate in such things themselves and their children were forced to flee the country some twenty years ago.

Inicidents like this have been happening every year in the past few years. But the regime keeps coming back on top.
One incident in the province of Sistan involved people attacking AhmadiNezhad's motorcade and killing one of his body guards.
And a couple of years ago people attacked and killed the commander of the so-called Qods force of the IRGC (you've probably seen the name of the Qods force mentioned in connection with the recent arrests of Iranian agents in Iraq).

Although this obviously didn't indicate the start of a revolution to overthrow the mullahs, it still is important, because, if you remember, the state-run media of Iran painted this as a battle against drug smugglers.

If they're willing to do that, then they know that they are in a race against time. It's people like these tribesmen that faced down the British in the Boston Massacre.

Here's why, also from our inside source:

First a bit of background: The primary resistance seems to have come from
the Qashqai and the Lor and other (semi-migratory) tribes men who live off their cattle which they herd between their (fixed) summer and winter quarters every spring and fall. They are simple folk who don't take shit from anyone. Also, they've always insisted on owning firearms (mostly old double-barrel shotguns) to protect themselves and their livelihood against wolves and packs of wild dogs and other pests.

So while the uprising I'd hoped for didn't happen, the pot certainly simmers.

We can only hope that the Iranians do for themselves what the Iraqis could not, or would not.

Posted by: Vinnie at 11:32 PM


1 Now you understand my lack of imterest in the report. Getting an Iranian to stand up? Doubt it.

Posted by: greyrooster at February 09, 2007 08:03 AM

2 Don't expect some grand uprising in Iran at this time, the freedom fighters there know they would be crushed immediately. Widespread attacks by small units and their survival to fight another day brings enough pressure on the government for now but there will be more and there will be larger attacks in the future.

Posted by: Buzzy at February 09, 2007 05:43 PM

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