Pandagon Now The Online Face Of John Edwards

Amanda Marcotte, a man-hating windbag who blogs at the leftwingnut hate site Pandagon, has joined the John Edwards campaign as their blogmaster. No, this is not a joke.

The Jawa Report recently highlighted Marcotte's wildly inept prosecutorial fantasies and mindless hyperfeminist rambling, which were sporadically posted during first few months of the Duke Lacrosse incident. The case's rapid deterioration in full view of the public caused her to go completely silent on the issue after Summer 2006. For some reason.

She's probably busy trying to figure out a way to make the case that John Edwards' recent purchase of a multi-million dollar, 20-thousand-plus square foot mansion spoke truth to power to the rich elites in America and helped the most unfortunate among us. Don't worry - she'll think of something.

And just remember - there are Democrats proposing new anti-speech laws that aim to prohibit people from 'deceiving voters' during election time. Edwards had better lawyer up.

ht: Pablo @ protein wisdom

Posted by: Good Lt. at 10:18 AM


1 I'm beginning to think that John Edwards is not serious about trying to win the presidency, but rather is using the whole exercise as a way to make himself even richer.

Preach about the "Two Americas," and steal as much money as you can from the Two Americas' retarded little brother.

Posted by: wooga at January 31, 2007 02:34 PM

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