Iraq, I Hardly Knew Thee: News from the Front

An image from Iraq taken yesterday that you're not likely to see on tongiht's Hardball.


Michelle Malkin has more photos up from her embed in a patrol in Baghdad's slums. Bryan adds:

Our troops are motivated and dedicated like no other group of people I have ever seen. More than any politician, journalist or blogger, our troops understand the history and cultural forces swirling in Iraq that make it such an incredibly challenging environment. They are bringing that knowledge to the struggle every day, and while their efforts may not always result in perfect outcomes, no one should doubt their devotion to winning the war here in all of its dimensions.
In an interview with Bill Ardalino, embedded in Fallujah, a local makes this very important point about how to win in al Anbar:
"The tribes will follow, they will be on the side of the powerful person, the powerful group. If we have that power, they're going to be on our side.
Sounds very much like Osama bin Laden's 'strong horse' argument. That is, Muslims will support whoever they belive is winning the fight. Perhaps he is right.

Posted by: Rusty at 09:36 AM


1 Thousands of years of history show that Arabs will readily follow power, regardless of all else, and considering thatthe gutless cowards that we call "leaders" project nothing but incompetence, indecisiveness, and weakness, we can never win until we clean house at home. I believe it is time for a new American Revolution to overthrow the current power structure which is corrupt to the point of being unsalvagable. We keep voting for these idiots thinking that the next time we flip the coin it may result in something other than heads or tails, when all we really need to do is throw away the coin. They are losing our country for us, and if we don't get rid of them soon, we won't have a second chance. Welcome to the Fall of Rome 2.0.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at January 11, 2007 11:17 AM

2 pfft. someone should have put a bullet in this kids head. arabs are subhuman filth and will stab us in the back the first chance they get.

eliminate arabs, eliminate terrorism.

Posted by: James Jay Fistro at January 11, 2007 01:00 PM

3 They sure aren't going to follow the terrorists if they think it will get them killed. Displays of superiority are the only things islamopithecines respect.

Posted by: Jeff Bargholz at January 11, 2007 03:16 PM

4 Wow. And you guys don't think your crazy? You are talking about putting a bullet in a kids head. Do you realize that makes you one of the bad guys?

And all this talk about power... gee, that's always worked so well in the past. That's called Empire. And it would only be a matter of time before somebody knocked you down.

Actually that's pretty much happen. Now don't you nutty mcnutters take this the wrong way, because Bin Laden is a douche, BUT he is one of the most brilliant millitary minds in history. All he had to do was knock a couple of buildings down to drive Americans so completely fucking insane, that you stop thinking and fuck everything up beyond recognition, thus starting the begining of the end of your empire.

Nice work retards.

Posted by: John at January 12, 2007 02:14 AM

5 John! for the record James Jay Fistro has made the same kinds of remarks about retail employees on threads elsewhere online. He is not typical of anything, or anyonebut himself. I suspect he is a troll of some kind, but my own research has failed to determine if he is trying to spoof 'gun owner', or if he is just plain nuts. Either way, please try to ignore him. Thats what I have decided to do.

USA, all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at January 12, 2007 12:20 PM

6 John,

The above having been said, Osama But Crack is kind of smart or he would be a wall trophy right now, however, anyone who knows anything about politics through history knows that those who do not have power live at the mercy of those who do. That means America must remain strong, unless it is to exist at the whim of others. It is just plaintrue.

USA, all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at January 12, 2007 12:24 PM

7 The crazy American Empire is shitting all over the world! Bush is a greater threat to world stability than Bin Loser and the other terrorists! The impotent pee-wee countries of the world are going to band together and put us in our place with their useless armies and meager stockpile of outdated weapons! Hubris will prove our undoing! Please save us, oh morally superior left! We need your sage guidance and enlightened social prorams! WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! Did I miss anything, Joke?

Posted by: Jeff Bargholz at January 12, 2007 03:20 PM

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