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The well of the 12th Imam.

Robert Spencer says it's a call to Islam.

The blog grandfather calls it the "second warning."

Since no good deed goes unpunished, feel free to give 'ol Mahmoud your response.

I would print mine, but this is a PG-13 blog.

stein hoist: Hot Air.

Posted by: Vinnie at 05:49 PM


1 Anyone else but me notice that Amahdinejad looks like he's rotting from the inside out?

Posted by: Richard H. at November 29, 2006 08:40 PM

2 ha, ha. I was wondering what was wrong with him. Something weird. I just couldn't figure what it is.

Posted by: Greyrooster at November 30, 2006 09:07 PM

3 Personally the statements in Amahdinejad's letter to the U.S. people reminds me of the speech from the Martian leader in Mars Attacks. "We come in peace", yeah right !

Posted by: memphis761 at December 01, 2006 04:32 PM

4 AHMASTINKBOMB has a rare cultural malady that requires him to fart backwards to speak. You see to get sufficient wind to blow past his vocal cords he has to engage in subtle, yet evolved abdominal gymnastics that force a stinky rotten egg cloud back up through the length of his digestive system, until it blast up through the esophagus and into the face of the listening public.

His followers do not find anything unusual in all of this, because they have the same problem. Basically it traces back to a region of the Arabian desert. From humble begginings it has spread like a great green greasy cloud to infect a large portion of the third world, and CAIR.

Several cures are being considered. There is a radiation treatment that some feel is to severe, and risky, though it is said to work quickly.

Another teatment requires steady infusions of spinning lead tablets, at a rapid pace. This takes longer, but is said to have a decent chance of reversing the infection, and with more limited side effects.

A third treatment has been considered, and is known for helping weak plants to improve. Basically you talk to the seemingly unintelligent thing until it shows signs of improvement. This method has yet to stop the infection, and instead it seems to encourage growth in known test specimans.

Some suggested treatments include the lead based methed, in combination with the 'talk' method. This will only work if the Liberals don't drag the doctor off in chains.

The Liberal treatment method recomends removing the patients most helpful organs, and then leaving the patient to die. This is called 'cutting, and running' and has seen to prevent the spread of self respect in the medical staff, and to promote distrust in the patient. It also promotes the occurance of secondary infections which can spread to other bodies.

I hope an effective treatment combination is developed quickly. Placebos don't cut it.

USA all the way!

Posted by: Michael Weaver at December 03, 2006 01:46 AM

5 What are the real implications to huge debt beyond leaving it a younger generation of tax payers? Reason I ask is that I argued with a staunch Republican after the presidential election, and he asked me "what do you care about the national debt?", guess he was referring to my age (60 +). And being Mongo (not well informed), I did not have a good answer for him.

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