Halloween Frights

I'm taking off to attend to personal bidness (and there was much rejoicing!).

But before I go, I'm going to scare the living crap out of all of you. Except Greg, he'll be whacking it.



Picture 025.jpg

Picture 058.jpg



Posted by: Vinnie at 06:20 PM


1 If you like #3, there's plenty more here, plenty more:


Posted by: Greg at October 31, 2006 07:25 PM

2 Did you forget the Lynn Stewart photo, or is she just too scary, like a Gorgon?

If you want Greg to whack it, you need to show a photo of John Kerry collaborating with Madame binh, or Fidel Castro sucking face with Hugo Chavez. He swings the other way, although the creatures you featured look enough like men to get his attention.

Posted by: Jeff Bargholz at October 31, 2006 07:28 PM

3 The first one, she looky, like man.

Posted by: Darth Odie at October 31, 2006 08:08 PM

4 The fifth one from the top,that guy is made up in a heck ofa halloween costume!

Halloween always seems to bring out the Halloweeners and In-Betweeners...

Posted by: Darth Vag at October 31, 2006 08:41 PM

5 Read More "Halloween Frights"

I don't mean to be pedantic Vinnie, but those photos are revolting and gross but not scary... ;-)

Happy halloween :-)

Posted by: Garduneh Mehr at October 31, 2006 08:57 PM


Posted by: RepJ at October 31, 2006 09:24 PM

7 Make sure they all get tucked back in your harem. Now, where's my candy!?

Posted by: Last gasp Larry at October 31, 2006 11:13 PM

8 Where's Nancy Pelosi?

I saw that fat chick in Bali I think. Iceland was trying to haul her into one of their trawlers.

Posted by: Big White Infidel at October 31, 2006 11:16 PM

9 My eyes! My eyes!

Posted by: Subvet at November 01, 2006 01:11 AM

10 LG Larry:

What's your favorite candy? Lick sticks dipped in apple butter?

Posted by: Jeff Bargholz at November 01, 2006 02:26 AM

11 R A L P H ! ! Oh man, there went my breakfast, thanks loads Vinnie !!!!

Posted by: memphis761 at November 01, 2006 09:41 AM

12 Gah! My eyes!

Damn you, Vinnie!

Posted by: Oyster at November 01, 2006 09:47 AM

13 Seperated at birth?....
Cindy Shee-man and Joe Walsh?

Posted by: TXCrawDaddy at November 01, 2006 10:14 AM

14 Oh that was mean to old Joe. But yeah there is a strong resemblance.

Posted by: memphis761 at November 01, 2006 10:41 AM

15 Even as a straight man, I'd do Joe before Cindy. Would that make me gay or sensible?

Posted by: slug at November 01, 2006 05:46 PM


Good thing I know how to type based on feel alone....now to bumble my way to the program that reads text for you.

Posted by: Ranba Ral at November 01, 2006 07:38 PM

17 This is great but letís do R's next for some balance! Gents, I've got some real beauties here for your viewing pleasure. These girls are fresh to the Jawa and ready to please... Feast your hungry eyes on Christine, Ann, Babs, and Aiiieeee!!! Vote with your Big Head!

Posted by: tbone at November 02, 2006 02:33 AM

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