Reaching Out to Secular Muslims in Indonesia

Pastor Stan McLaren, aka "Stan the Infidel" just attended the funeral of slain Christian minester Rev. Irianto Kongkoli. The Indonesian government now suspects that terrorists connected to Jemaah Islamiyah, and who were involved in the beheading of Christian schoolchildren nearby, were behind the assassination.

The question now is: will the government act?

Stan writes:

We just came back from Rev. Irianto's funeral. People are angry but still under control. Rumors are spreading that the bombs of recent days were let off by security to keep Christians (and Muslims) scared. If another Christian is killed, it might be the spark to start something. The Christians in Sulawesi are fed up but still acting responsibly. Lots of work is being done by the churches to make sure everyone is maintaining a cool head.

What I need to emphasize now and I need to clarify this, the conflict will erupt in Central Sulawesi only. Java, Sumatera and Kalimantan's Christians are practicing dhimmitude and are scared of the Muslim majority there. In eastern Indonesia, we are not.

In Central Sulawesi, the local Muslims and Bugis from South Sulawesi get along with Christians and vice-versa. They have had profitable trading and co-operation for years.

It's the Javanese migrants and militants from Java that are the troublemakers. If we could kick them all out and keep them out, then there would be no more problems. Same with the police and military from Java.....

I want to also emphasize that the two largest Muslim groups in Indonesia are condemning the assassination of Irianto and asking that when the culprits are caught, they be given the death sentence. Muslims asking that fellow Muslims to get the death sentence for a killing a Christian. Charles can post a pic of "pigs flying" on LGF.

I called one of my acquaintances in the group that called for the death sentence and he confirmed the statement. He said that these killers and militants like them are a threat not only to Christians but also to their form of moderate Islam. They get threats all the time from militants too, telling them they must change their way of thinking and accept Shariah.

He said that they and other moderate groups must band together with Christians, Buddhists and Hindus to fight against militancy. It seems as though they are finally going to act against the threat against their way of practicing Islam. There's even a musical fatwa against militants. Pop group Dewa, which is one of the top bands in Indonesia, is challenging the militants with a musical fatwa. Go [here to check them out] .

There are lots of pigs flying today. Better get an umbrella in case of pig turds dropping out of the sky.

Stan blogs at Persecuted Infidels in Indonesia.

Posted by: Rusty at 09:36 AM


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