When Gay Terrorists Attack

Gay Terrorist Mike Rogers is at it again:

As this message is posted, I have apppeared on the Ed Schultz Show, a nationally syndicated radio program broadcast in more than 100 cities and on Sirius Satellite. On the show I have called on Senator Larry Craig to end his years of hypocrisy by leveling with Idahoans about who he really is. I am also calling upon several prominent Idaho social conservative leaders to ask them how they square their anti-gay positions with their support for this leader.
But Patterico notes that Craig denies the charge. And Rogers is using the old "anonymous source" dodge.

Photo of Rogers. WARNING: this man is as ugly as his soul, not for the squeamish.

Via Emperor Misha I of The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, who has a marvelous rant, and doesn't care if Craig "...is as gay as a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide."

Posted by: Bluto at 10:03 PM


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